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Columbus, OH House Hunting


We have found the perfect house.  It is a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath basement home with a nice backyard in an established neighborhood.  Everything is working out great so far.  We went to Columbus this past weekend and we were exhausted by the end of the weekend.  Every house began to look alike.  Benjamin was very good considering we were up by 6 each morning and done by 8 each night.  I didn’t realize how much Columbus has.  For instance, The Limited  has their headquarters there, Budweiser has a BIG distribution center there, and Wendy’s was started in Columbus.  Columbus is also a test market, so a lot of new things are introduced there.  How fun.


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Moving To Columbus, OH

A few posts ago, I said I had some exciting news.  Well, last week sometime, my DH and I got some wonderful news!!!  We are going to be Government Employees for DFAS (Defense Finance Accounting Services) in Columbus, Oh.  We don’t have our official start dates, but we are anticipating moving at the end of November.  They have to do a background check and fingerprints and all that fun stuff before giving us an official start date.  I don’t know who is more excited, me or my DH.  If anyone lurking around my blog has any good information on Columbus, OH, please comment.  It would be greatly appreciated. 

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Congrats to my Brother!!!

I just got word that my brother was just promoted to Vice President of Program Management of WWT!!! I am very proud!!! Congrats Chester!!!

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Bus Accident in Huntsville, AL

I can not believe what happened in our little town of Huntsville,AL. A bus ran off a ramp and landed on Church Street. 30 feet below. 4 CHILDREN passed away. It just amazes me that a school will allow student to drive two and from a tech school during school hours, especially when they have school busses to transport the students.

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2 interviews in one day…

Today was a very exciting day at the Madison Wilson’s. Both Griff and I had interviews…I had an interview with SCI and Griff with Stein Mart. I think both interviews went pretty well as expected. We will have to see.

Benjamin had an eventful day as well. At school they had a Thanksgiving program and a big feast afterword. Daddy and Grandma in Huntsville got to go. This evening he has a birthday party to go to as well.

Very, Very Busy.

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