Benjamin lost his tooth at school after recess. He was so excited. He told me now he can eat an apple.


Spring is here!!!

It’s hard to believe after all the snow we have had, that spring is finally here!!!

Benjamin at the beach

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Benjamin enjoyed the beach during Spring Break this year. 9 fun filled days in Florida. Can’t beat that. It was nice everyday, except on Monday, it rained the 1st half of the day. We had a blast though!!!

I having been slacking…so bad that I noticed that my last post was on January 2009…Has it been that long???  We did a lot in 2009.   We went to Disney World during Spring Break, Benjamin played a little football, we went apple picking, we went to Charlie Brown: Ice in Nashville, TN at Thanksgiving, we saw Star Wars:In Concert, we went sledding, and visited Grandma Wilson in Washington D.C.

Benjamin at Disney World - Spring Break 2009

Benjamin playing football for the Cowboys.

Picking apples at Lynds Fruit Farm 2009

Benjamin Sledding at Blacklick Golf Course - Jan 2009

I saw someone with a picture on facebook with a black and white photo with shot of color.  I was thinking to myself, “What program did they use?”  and it dawned on me that they used Adobe…which, as most of us knows it expensive.  So, I did a google search and found this cool program called Magic Splash Color Studio. It costs only $15 and is a pretty easy program to use.  All you do is open up a color photo in the program and it turns it black and white and you use this eraser type tool to go over the parts you want color and if you make a mistake you can go back over it in black and white.  It’s pretty cool for $15 and not $99 (and complicated).  Anway here are a an example…


Wordless Wednesday

Student of the Month 2008 

          Student of the Month 2008Student of the Month 2008

Benjamin received Student of the month of November 2008.  We are so proud of him!! Way to go Benjamin!!!  He was so excited.  They presented the award to him at the Taylor Road PTO meeting.