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Cool Program I discovered…

I saw someone with a picture on facebook with a black and white photo with shot of color.  I was thinking to myself, “What program did they use?”  and it dawned on me that they used Adobe…which, as most of us knows it expensive.  So, I did a google search and found this cool program called Magic Splash Color Studio. It costs only $15 and is a pretty easy program to use.  All you do is open up a color photo in the program and it turns it black and white and you use this eraser type tool to go over the parts you want color and if you make a mistake you can go back over it in black and white.  It’s pretty cool for $15 and not $99 (and complicated).  Anway here are a an example…



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As you all know this blog is All About Benjamin and the Family that surrounds him…So I asked Benjamin if he would sing the Alaphabet Backwards for me to capture this moment of transitioning from preschool to kindergarten.  I told him when I show this blog to him when he is older, he would get a big kick out of it because it is all about him. He liked that idea.  So here he is singing the Alphabet backwards….

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We decided to go to Louisville, Kentucky during Memorial Day weekend.  My husband has not had this weekend off of work for 7 years, so we thought we would do something fun.  Benjamin had a blast.  We did the amusement park and the water park.  It was in the upper 80s and beautiful outside.

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BenjaminScienceFair 2008 DCSS CDC

They have been doing science projects all year long and now it was the kids turn to show off.  It was very exciting.  We had exploding valcanos, tornados, density tests, color expirements, sound waves, flying balloons and flying corks.  We did a density test.  The ingredients you need are honey, water, oil, a cork, a penny, and a grape.  When you pour the ingredience into the cup the honey goes to the bottom, the water to the middle, and the oil is on top. The most dense is at the bottom, to the least dense (the oil) at the top.  The penny sank to the bottom (it’s the most dense), the cork sank to the middle, and the grape to the top (it was the least dense of all the objects).  The kids were surprised of the out come.  Benjamin did a great job of explaining ( with our help, of course ).

We have a few more weeks til preschool graduation and a class trip to the zoo. 

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We had fun at the Barnum and Bailey Circus today.  I have never seen Benjamin’s eyes get so big.  It was a really neat show.  His favorite parts were the tigers, the elephants and the guy getting shot out of the cannon.   As we were leaving they had a parade of elephants going down the street. I don’t think Benjamin could believe it.

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We have been having great weather and Benjamin has been getting ready for tee-ball. Our backyard is great, even at night because it had two flood lights that light up the back yard pretty good. I have a feeling we are going to be spending a lot of time outside.

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George W visits WWT


My brother gets the honor of meeting George W.  Bush.  He is visiting my brothers company tomorrow.  World Wide Technology is a privately held company that provides both hardware and services for its clients.  Their headquarters are in St. Louis, Mo.  They  had approx. 2.5 billion in sales last year.  Here is an article about the Presidents visit.   I think it’s a pretty big honor that the President is coming to visit his company.  My brother joined this company when it was a very small company and he is now the Director of the Consulting & Supply Chain Services for WWT.  You can’t tell I am proud of him.  So let’s keep our fingers crossed that the visit goes well.

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