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Very Handy Husband

We have completely moved in, which means there are no more boxes. Yea!!  We have been doing little things here and there.  My husband is very handy.  He installed a new door bell, so we could hear it down in the basement.  He also put in under the counter lights.  It brightens up the kitchen.  I love it.  This spring we are going to put in lights outside.  We have lots to do outside, so I can’t wait for spring to arrive!!!  I love to plant flowers and we are going to put in a pond, like we had at our previous house.

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All moved in…



Well, we are all moved in.  If we would have waited any longer, we would have been in trouble because as I sit here there is 4 inches of snow on the ground outside.  Moving went great, I would recommend Mayflower to anyone.  The only thing that didn’t go great was unpacking.  I was opening boxes with a knife (my first mistake) and cut my finger, requiring 5 stitches!!! OUCH!!!  I have included a few pictures.  I will include more pictures later.



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As of today, we have packed everything we could pack.  We don’t actually move until the 28th of November, but we wanted to get done, so here we are.  I think reality is finally starting to set in!!   Pray for us, beacause we need all the prayers we can get.  I have looked on weather.com at the local weather there in Columbus, OH and boy, oh boy, we are going to see snow sooner than I hoped…they are expecting rain/snow showers on the 18th. Let’s just hope it is rain.

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More House Photos

Here are more pictures of the house.  We are going to paint the blue wall first thing.  The only other room that has to be painted  is the master, the rest of the house is nuetral.  There is no wallpaper (DH was happy about that).  My favorite part of the house is the window in the family room and the Den next to the family room.  They say the Den could also be a 5th bedroom, but we are going to make it into an office/ TV room.


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