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Our Jobs….DFAS


Well we started our new jobs at DFAS.  We both work in the same department.  We are both going to be traveling to Rock Island, IL throughout the year.  My DH gets to travel first to Rock Island and the beginning of the year for 7 weeks.  He will get to come home some weekends.  We will only have to travel for long periods of time the first year, because Rock Island is closing.   We both like the jobs.  We work great hours and our son gets to ride into work with us because the have a daycare onsite.  Well, I will keep everyone posted on how we like it once my DH starts traveling.




Benjamin’s Daycare


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An End to a Legacy…

Well it is hard to believe, but the contract I was working under is now over.  I have been under the same contract for 3.5 years.   I have worked for 3 companies and 5 bosses.  My last day was this past Friday.  It was a sad day.  I am moving on and as you already know, I have a job lined up, so it’s a new day.  Here are is a picture of my co-workers who I have grown to adore.


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It’s Official

It’s official.  My DH and I received our official letters and start date for our new jobs with the Government.  We also received our official start dates as well.  We will start on the 10th of December.  We are very excited.  So now we have to close on both houses and move….that’s all…Yeah right, I am pulling my hair out.  It will all work out though:)

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What do you do for a living??

He works at Stein Mart as a Merchandising Sales Manager. He manages approx. 10 people. He loves his job because he gets to spend more time with his family than his previous job. Stein Mart sells mens, womens, home decor, and shoes at 20% – 60% below Department Store prices. Stein Mart is all over the United States. They are headquarted in Jacksonville, Florida. Check out their website.

Several people have asked me what exactly what I do. I am an Administative Specialist/Database Administrator. I work for a Contractor (USAE) who supports the Corp of Engineers and other contractors over in Iraq. The program is called Coalition Munitions Clearance. Here are a few articles that describes what we do over in Iraq.

Coaliton Munition Clerance
Defense Link
Journal of Mine Action

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About Us

We are new at this….so we thought we would give it a try. Let us introduce ourselves. We are the Wilsons…Griff, Chrissy, and Benjamin. James is a salesman for Stein Mart, Chrissy is an administrative specialist/Database Administrator for a contractor for the Corp of Engineers, and Benjamin is our lovely son.

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