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Walking for Shoes

The contest started on Sunday, of course, we were out of town.  So I started on Monday.  I have been very motivated and have walked 4 miles everyday since then….Yea!!!  Yes, I know it’s only been 3 days, but I am going to continue on.  I can feel it in my body already!!  So, I have walked a total of 12 miles…only 248 miles until my goal.


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Anytime Fitness Challenge


I belong to Anytime Fitness.  I am so excited that they are having a contest starting September 1st until November 24th.  Do you no what is so special about November 24???  Well if you are from Alabama you should know.  It the Auburn-Alabama football game.  Did you know that from Auburn to Alabama it is 160 miles?  Could you walk/run that far?  Well that is the challenge.  Who can walk/run the farthest.  How fun is that.  It doesn’t cost anything so I thought I would give it a try!!  The winner gets a free pair of custom walking shoes ($125 value).  I will keep you posted on how far I have walked.  My goal is 255 miles.  I figure I already walk/run 3 miles a day, 7 days a week.  This contest is for 85 days.  So 85 * 3= 255 miles.   Wish me luck!!! Oh and by the way, the way I am doing this is via treadmill 🙂


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