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This past weekend we buried my father-in-law.  It was the most honorable ceremony a person could ever witness.  He would have been proud!!!  A great man, like himself, who served for our country and fought for our freedom, deserved this beautiful cermony.  He married a wonderful woman, had 8 beautiful children, and was surrounded by lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  My DH, Benjamin, and myself traveled to Washington D.C. on this past Tuesday.  The funeral and Arlington Cermony was on Wenesday.  There were lots of family and friends present.  You could feel the love and warmth of my DH’s father around us the whole time we were there.  It was almost like he was right there with us.  Thursday we went and saw my DH’s youngest brother’s new house.  It was beautiful.  We also got to visit with my sister-in-law’s family.  We swam, jet skied, ate crab and enjoy each other’s company.  We even found out that we are going to have a new baby in the family!!!  How exiciting is that!!!  On Friday, we went to the National Zoo and Saturday we saw all the sites in downtown D.C.    Benjamin and his Aunt Liz even ran a race!!  Benjamin did pretty good for his first official race.  He wasn’t first, but he was last either.  It was fun watchinn him enjoy himself.  I I have included a few pictures.



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What a busy few weeks.  My sister-in-law, Jen, and her 4 children came through Ohio and stayed with us on their way to Vermont.  You can read about their journey here.  Anway, Benjamin had a blast visiting with them and was sad to see them go.  We ate dinner, played outside, and played a little WII fit.  It was very fun and I hope they come back soon.

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Benjamin at the Columbus Zoo

We went to the Columbus Zoo this past weekend.  It was DFAS day at the Zoo.  Columbus Zoo is pretty neat because they have a water park and amusement park attached to the Zoo.  Click on the picture to see more photos.

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We decided to go to Louisville, Kentucky during Memorial Day weekend.  My husband has not had this weekend off of work for 7 years, so we thought we would do something fun.  Benjamin had a blast.  We did the amusement park and the water park.  It was in the upper 80s and beautiful outside.

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BenjaminScienceFair 2008 DCSS CDC

They have been doing science projects all year long and now it was the kids turn to show off.  It was very exciting.  We had exploding valcanos, tornados, density tests, color expirements, sound waves, flying balloons and flying corks.  We did a density test.  The ingredients you need are honey, water, oil, a cork, a penny, and a grape.  When you pour the ingredience into the cup the honey goes to the bottom, the water to the middle, and the oil is on top. The most dense is at the bottom, to the least dense (the oil) at the top.  The penny sank to the bottom (it’s the most dense), the cork sank to the middle, and the grape to the top (it was the least dense of all the objects).  The kids were surprised of the out come.  Benjamin did a great job of explaining ( with our help, of course ).

We have a few more weeks til preschool graduation and a class trip to the zoo. 

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We had fun at the Barnum and Bailey Circus today.  I have never seen Benjamin’s eyes get so big.  It was a really neat show.  His favorite parts were the tigers, the elephants and the guy getting shot out of the cannon.   As we were leaving they had a parade of elephants going down the street. I don’t think Benjamin could believe it.

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It is hard to believe 5 years ago today, our baby boy was born.  He was born at 2:42 in the afternoon. He weighed 7Ibs 15oz and was 21 inches long.   I will never forget that day. He has grown up so fast.  He has become such a smart young man with his Daddy’s great personality.  We love you Benjamin!!!! Happy 5th Birthday, Little Man!!!


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